The Rhino Who Had a Rhinoplasty

This wooden ornament was brought to the Traditional Restoration Company for repair because it had been dropped, which left it minus its horn and with part of its ear missing. The repair of the horn was relatively straight-forward – we spliced-on a piece of matching wood and carved it to shape. The ear was a more delicate operation, because there was a very small surface area onto which to glue the new wood, and great care had to be taken when carving the ear.

After colouring the repairs to blend in, we revived the rhinos faded oil finish and re-oiled it.

The wooden rhino with the broken horn and ear has been repaired and re-finished.

Rhino After Restoration

This wooden rhino had been dropped and broken, so it was brough to the Traditional Restoration Company for repair.  Its horn is broken off and part of its ear is missing.

Rhino Before Restoration