Carcase and Drawer Work

Regency Mahogany Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers exhibited all the typical problems suffered by carcase furniture.  As the drawer runners get more and more worn down, the drawer runs lower.

The drawer stops cause deep grooves by rubbing on the underside of the drawer bottoms.  The drawer becomes difficult to open and does not run smoothly.  The drawers wear grooves in the front rails of the carcase.  Pieces of veneer and cock-beading become loose and get lost.

Regency Chest of Drawers damaged splay foot

Damaged Splay Foot

Regency Splay-foot Chest of Drawers - drawer damage

Damage to the Drawer Bottom

Regency Chest of Drawers veneer missing from carcase

Veneer Missing from Carcase

Regency Chest of Drawers new cock-beading

New Cock-beading

A full restoration was carried out on this chest:  the drawer runners were built-up and the carcase runners were repaired.  Replacement cock-beading was fitted,  veneer patches were inserted to replace missing pieces, and the splay feet were re-built.  Colour-matching and patinating the repairs completed the job, along with cleaning and adding more polish to the finish.

Completed Regency Chest of drawers

Chest of Drawers After Restoration