Wood Turning

At the Traditional Restoration Company Ltd we make component parts for most types of antique furniture (including clock case parts and barometer case parts), from designing or researching missing turned components to copying, single or multiple items.

Turning a chair foot at the Traditional Restoration Company

Turning the foot of the chair base shown below


Turning is a  skill necessary in restoration, needed for delicate work like the tiny knobs on the Dorney Court writing box and the split-turned mouldings on the George III mahogany bureau bookcase, and for large pieces like the base of the reproduction French dentists chair shown below.


The turned base of a reproduction 19th Century French dentists chair made by Traditional Restoration Co. Ltd.

Base of a reproduction French dentists chair

All the components on base of these large chairs were turned, with the exception of the curved brackets.  We have made several of these chairs, the first of which is shown below, along with the original chair which we copied.  They were  commissioned on behalf of L’Occitane by the Retail Design and Project Management agency Wildwood Retail LLP (wildwood.co.uk).  They are to be used as make-up chairs in stores across Britain.

Reproduction 19th Century French dentists chair, made by the Traditional Restoration Company Ltd.

Reproduction 19th Century French dentists chairs




We can take commissions for turning from the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & London area including locally in Maidenhead, Windsor, Eton, Dorney, Gerrards Cross and Ascot.